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Benefits of using Alinsa products in schools

From creating cleaner, healthier spaces to promoting sustainable practices, our products offer comprehensive solutions for schools.

With only 3 products

You can clean the entire school (Germiklin 400, Degralin 500 and M200) since they are multifunctional.

Savings on product

You only consume 3 products in the entire school, instead of buying fabulous, bleach, degreaser, dishwashing liquid, liquid soap, anti-scale, bathroom cleaner and many more.

They do not generate polluting waste

You work with environmentally friendly products.

Savings in time

The products, being of high quality, work immediately and without much effort.


They are neither toxic nor irritating products, therefore you protect children and all staff.


Cost savings

Since all the products are concentrated, you will always work in dilutions and as a consequence the cost will always decrease.

For example, Germiklin 400 costs $67.00 per liter plus VAT, but 10% dilutions are used (example: 1 liter of Germiklin in 9 liters of water), so the cost of the actual product is $6.70 per liter.

This applies to all products and use of the dosage to be used.

Recommendations for use

of Alinsa products in schools

Germiklin 400

Eliminates viruses and bacteria from any surface (tables, bathrooms, floors, sanitizing mats, etc…)

Degralin 500

Degreaser to wash interiors, kitchens, clothing, carpets, grease and/or any dirt on floors.


Removes tartar in bathrooms (toilets and hand sinks)


Use in case of accidents, to remove stains of organic matter from any surface.