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Benefits of using Alinsa products in laundries

From impeccable cleaning results and long-lasting freshness in textiles to efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

They provide preventive maintenance

To washing machines, since they eliminate water hardness and mineral salts that are embedded in washing tubs.

Non-irritating products

Non-irritating products for the user and machines, which reduces the risk of accidents.

They can be mixed

All products without generating dangerous reactions for the user and/or machines.

They take care of the textiles

They take care of the textiles and understand their lifespan, since our products are not corrosive to the soda base.

They are highly biodegradable

So all the waste from the wash can go straight to the drain.

They decrease

Rinse numbers

and therefore waste of water.


Process times

and therefore waste of electrical energy

Quantity of products used

With only 3 products you complete the entire washing process.

Gas consumption

All products can be used in cold water processes.

Recommendations for use

of Alinsa products in laundries

High White


Concentrated industrial fabric bleach.

Degralin 500


Clean clothes, carpets, grease and/or any dirt.


Concentrated fabric softener.


Detergent and degreaser that removes organic matter